ABBA Oro - Grandes Exitos

1. Fernando (Spanish Version)

2. Chiquitita (Spanish Version)

3. Gracias Por La Música

4. La Reine Del Baile

5. El Andar (1992 CD)
5. Al Andar (1999/2002 remastered CD)

6. Dame! Dame! Dame!

7. Estoy Soñando

8. Mamma Mía (Spanish Version)

9. Hasta Mañana (Spanish Version)

10. Conociéndome, Conociéndome

Bonus tracks on 1999/2002 remastered CD:

11. Felicidad

12. Andante, Andante (Spanish Version)

13. Se Me Está Escapando

14. No Hay A Quien Culpar

15. Ring Ring (Spanish Version)

Released 1993. Originally released on LP as Gracias Por La Música in 1980.
Remastered CD released November 1999 with 5 bonus tracks.
Edición del 10° aniversario released 9 September 2002 with 5 bonus tracks.
Repacked as Exitos Eternos in USA 2005.
Also available as part of ABBA The Legacy box set in Mexico 2021.
ABBA Oro - Grandes Exitos 1992

ABBA Oro - Grandes Exitos 1999

ABBA Oro - Grandes Exitos edición del 10° aniversario 2002

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