Meldrum’s Humdrum

ABBA magic fading fast. By Ian Meldrum

The sad signs are there…ABBA slowly but surely is heading for the rock music industry graveyard.

I caught a recent ABBA concert in Copenhagen and the sound and stage presentation were still as great as ever, but that certain “magic” the band had two years ago was missing.

I can’t put it down to anything else but personal disharmony. It’s difficult for an observer not to notice the ill-feeling between Björn and Agnetha (Anna), who divorced almost 12 months ago.

Off stage they appear to have little or nothing in common and the rift between them is starting to show on stage too – the “daggers” which fly each time one looks at the other are sharp indeed.

Professionally ABBA’s biggest disappointment seems to be that the American market has not opened for them anywhere near as much the European and Australian markets.

I doubt that it ever will…and I doubt that Australia will ever see the band again, either. Transcribed for ABBA World

TV Week (Australia) · 10 November 1979 (Page 67)

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