Mamma Mia (3.35)

(Benny Andersson/Stig Anderson/Björn Ulvaeus)

Lead vocal: Agnetha & Frida.

Recording commenced 12 March 1975.

Benny Andersson: Keyboards
Roger Palm: Drums
Janne Schaffer: Guitars
Finn Sjöberg: Guitars
Björn Ulvaeus: Guitars
Mike Watson: Bass

Later remixed as an instrumental version.

Excerpt later used in ABBA-dabba doo!! Medley.

Later edited for EP in Brazil.

Later edited for compilation LP in Australia.

Excerpt later used in ABBA Gold Medley.

Excerpt later used in Megamedley.

Excerpt later used in ABBA Remix.

Later recorded in Spanish.

Later recorded for the movie Mamma Mia!.

Later recorded for the movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Later performed by Benny Andersson (TikTok)

First released on the LP ABBA 21 April 1975.

Also released as a single A side September 1975.

Currently available on the CDs ABBA, ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits, Thank You For The Music, The Best Of ABBA - The Millennium Collection, SOS - The Best Of ABBA, The Definitive Collection, The Ultimate Collection, Todo ABBA - sus grandes exitos, 30th Anniversary Original Album Box, The Best Of ABBA, 18 Hits - Svenska Popklassiker, 18 Hits, The Complete Studio Recordings, La Nostra Storia - 20 Grandi Successi, Chronicles - 3 Classic Albums, Number Ones, Text: Stikkan Anderson (various artists), The Albums, ABBA Gold - Complete Edition, 2 for 1: ABBA + Arrival, Icon, ABBA Collected, The Essential Collection, ABBA Deluxe Edition, ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits 40th Anniversary Edition and the DVDs The Definitive Collection, ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits, Number Ones, The Essential Collection.

ABBA LP 1975

Made in Sweden for Export promotional LP 1975

Mamma Mia single Norway 1975

Mamma Mia single Denmark 1975

Mamma Mia single West Germany 1975

Mamma Mia single Netherlands 1975

Mamma Mia single Portugal 1975

SOS single Italy 1975

Mamma Mia single Belgium 1975

Mamma Mia single Turkey

Mamma Mia single Madagascar

Mamma Mia single German Democratic Republic 1975

SOS EP Brazil 1975

The Best Of ABBA LP West Germany 1975

ABBA Greatest Hits LP Scandinavia 1975

The Best Of ABBA LP Australia 1976

ABBA Greatest Hits LP UK 1976

Mamma Mia single Spain 1976

Mamma Mia single Japan 1976

Fernando single Mexico 1976

Mamma Mia single Denmark? 1976

Move On single Chile 1979

Mamma Mia reissue single Japan 1980

ABBA - The Singles - The First Ten Years 2LP 1982

Mama Mia box set single UK 1984

Mamma Mia reissue CD single West Germany 1988

ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits CD 1992

Thank You For The Music 4CD box set 1994

ABBA promotional CD single UK 1999

The Definitive Collection 2CD 2001

The ABBA Story CD 2004

ABBA Gold promotional CD single UK 2004

18 Hits CD international 2005

ABBA - The Complete Studio Recordings box set 2005

ABBA Number Ones CD 2006

Text: Stikkan Anderson 2CD 2007

ABBA - The Albums box set 2008

ABBA The Vinyl Collection 9 LP box set 2010

The Essential Collection 2CD 2012

ABBA Deluxe Edition CD/DVD 2012

ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits 40th Anniversary Edition 3 CD 2014

ABBA The Singles box set 2014

ABBA - The Studio Albums box set 2014

ABBA / The Collection iTunes box set 2014

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