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What is the release date of ABBA: Song by Song? The ebook is released on 23 February 2020. The paperback book will be available on 6 March 2020 direct from the publisher, Fonthill Media. Other websites list a release date of 1 April or 16 April. The North American release date is 19 October. See here for ordering links.
Can I read a sample of the book? Samples pages are available on some bookstore websites, e.g. Amazon.
Will the book be available as an ebook? Yes, it is available on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Apple iBook, and several other formats. See here for ordering links.
Will the book by available in other languages? No. The publisher, Fonthill Media, only publishes in English.
Does the book include the two new ABBA songs, 'I Still Have Faith In You' and 'Don't Shut Me Down'? Yes, though of course because they have not yet been heard, details are based on published information. Perhaps there will be an opportunity for an update in the future to include the new songs, if there is enough interest.
Does the book include 'Just Like That'? Yes, it does, along with the rest of the songs in the 'ABBA Undeleted' medley, and the other songs included on compliation CDs and box sets released in the decades after ABBA ended.
Did you interview ABBA for the book? No, I was not able to interview any ABBA members for the book. However the book is filled with quotes from all four, from other sources.
Does the book include any photographs? Yes, there are 32 photos, featuring ABBA record sleeves, rare memorabilia, plus one previously unpublished photo of ABBA.
Will the book be available in the USA? Yes, it is available on ebook platforms now. See here for ordering links. Several US and Canadian sites show an availability date of 19 October for the paperback.
Where can I buy the book? The book is available directly from the publisher, Fonthill Media. It is also available from leading bookstores everywhere.
How does this book differ from other titles that cover similar ground? ABBA: Song by Song is written by a different author, with a different voice, different attitude, different information, different interpretation, different conclusions. It also includes songs performed in concert, on television and radio that were not released on record that are not covered in other similar books. Plus there are a few bits of previously unpublished information spread throughout the book.
Who is the author of the book? Ian Cole is an acknowledge authority on ABBA, living in Sydney, Australia. He became a life-long ABBA fan in 1975, after heaing 'Mamma Mia' at a party. His first ABBA record was the ABBA (1975) album. Ian attended ABBA's first Australian concert in Sydney in 1977, and has many fond memories of that night. He has been involved in many ABBA fan events for over three and a half decades. Since 1999 he has contributed to dozens of ABBA book, CD, DVD, and television projects, including official releases for Universal Music, and was a volunteer worker at the ABBAWORLD touring exhibtion in Sydney in 2010/2011. He is a regular columnist in the Official International ABBA Fan Club Magazine, and has also contributed to ABBA Intermezzo, DNA, Q, and Record Collector magazines.
Ian is the creator of websites ABBA Omnibus and The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia.

If you have any questions about the book, please contact me at

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