Ring Ring

(song numbers in brackets indicate track number on CD)

Side 1:

1. (1) Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal) (Swedish LP/CD)
1. (1) Ring Ring (international LP/CD)

2. (2) Another Town, Another Train

3. (3) Disillusion

4. (4) People Need Love

5. (5) I Saw It In The Mirror

6. (6) Nina, Pretty Ballerina

Side 2:

1. (7) Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)

2. (8) Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother

3. (9) He Is Your Brother

4. (10) Ring Ring (English version) (Swedish LP/CD)
4. (10) She's My Kind Of Girl (international LP/CD)

5. (11) I Am Just A Girl

6. (12) Rock'n Roll Band

Bonus tracks on 2001 reissued remastered CD, Mastered for iTunes 2014:

13. Merry-Go-Round

14. Santa Rosa

15. Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal)

Bonus tracks on 2013 Deluxe Edition:

13. Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal)

14. Merry-Go-Round

15. Santa Rosa

16. Ring Ring (Spanish Version)

17. Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht

18. Ring Ring (German version)

19. En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer

Extra bonus tracks on 2013 Deluxe Edition – Early versions:

20. Hej gamle man! / Björn & Benny

21. There’s A Little Man / Billy G-son

22. I Saw It In The Mirror / Billy G-son

23. Jag är blott en man / Jarl Kulle

24. Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan / Anni-Frid Lyngstad

25. Välkommen till världen / Lill-Babs

Deluxe Edition DVD 2013:

1. People Need Love (Vi i femman, SVT)

2. Ring Ring (Spotlight, ORF)

3. Ring Ring revealed (Låtarna som förändrade musiken, UR)

4. International Sleeve Gallery 

Released 26 March 1973.
Released on CD in Sweden 1988.
Released on CD internationally 1992.
Remastered CD released May 1997 with international track list.
Remastered CD released in USA March 1999 with international track list.
Reissued remastered CD released 25 June 2001 with international track list and 3 bonus tracks.
Deluxe Edition CD/DVD released 14 October 2013.
Mastered for iTunes released 4 April 2014.
Picture disc LP released 10 June 2022.

Ring Ring LP Sweden

Ring Ring MC

Ring Ring LP West Germany

Ring Ring LP Australia

Ring Ring LP Japan

Ring Ring LP Mexico

Ring Ring LP Denmark 1974

Honey, Honey LP West Germany 1974

ABBA LP Czechoslovakia 1975

Ring Ring LP Australia 1975

Honey, Honey LP West Germany 1978

Ring Ring LP Australia 1980

Ring Ring CD Australia 1988

Ring Ring CD Australia 1990

Ring Ring CD 1992

Ring Ring CD 2001

Ring Ring Deluxe Edition CD/DVD 2013

Ring Ring picture disc LP 2022

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