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October 2022

This continues to be the best site for ABBA info bar none and have enjoyed it many years. I had a question please about the song 'So Long'. Agnetha is my favorite singer and in every video I have seen of this song (and that has been numerous ones) Agnetha always looks up to the sky for multiple seconds before they start singing. Is there any significance, reason or special meaning to this or is it just always a coincidence? Thank-you.

Larry, USA



Thank you for your kind words about the website, Larry. I try to keep it interesting and informative for all ABBA fans.
I don't think there is any specific meaning in Agnetha looking up at the start of the song. At the same time, Frida is almost always looking down to her left. I think it's just a part the dance routine, with one looking up and one looking down for variety. Here is a fun video combining all TV performances of 'So Long',


Last year sometime, somewhere I read that Görel stated that all official Polar singles released from Voyage would see a vinyl format issued at some point. Any further details to the possibility of this still happening?

Mike fromVancouver 



There has been no further news on vinyl Voyage singles. A year after release it's probably too late, unless they release something for the first anniversary of the album's release, which is coming up very soon (though they would have announced something for the anniversary by now).


Has the original mono mix of 'She's My Kind Of Girl' ever been released on CD? All known CD releases appear to be the duophonic mix prepared for the international version of the Ring Ring album. Is the original master lost?

Aaron, Australia 



All released versions of 'She's My Kind Of Girl' are in mono. Listen to the songs in OOPS (out of phase stereo, which cancels out anything that's on both left and right stereo channels) - it's silent. Duophonic stereo is created by spliting the mono signal into two channels, slightly delaying one channel, reducing treble frequencies in the left channel, and reducing bass in the right (a fuller discription can be found on Wikipedia). It always sounds messy with a little echo. The most famous example that can still be heard today is the last half of stereo versions of The Beatles' 'I Am The Walrus', which switches to duophonic at about 2.11 on the line "Sitting in an English garden'.


The 'Happy New Year' gold vinyl single was originally supposed to be 5,000 limited and SOLD OUT. Now they are back in stock again how many have been released ?

All the best
Graeme, UK



This year's annual 'Happy New Year' single was indeed shown as sold out at most outlets within a few hours of pre-orders opening on 21 October. However, it has remained available at German websites ABBA - Der offizielle Deutsche Shop, udiscover, and Bravado, Dutch site Platenzaak Belgian site Music Station, and the ABBA Fan Club Shop. It did come back available on UK sites udiscover music, The Sound Of Vinyl, and Record Store on 28 October, though right now it's showing as sold out again on all three. I don't think they're pressing more copies, stores just sold out of their allocations. It's happened in the past with limited edition items, they sell out on pre-orders quite quickly then come available again. Only once as I recall was the number of copies increased from the original announced quantity due to demand, the 'Waterloo' 40th anniverary picture disc single in 2014.


Do you know how to find the synth stab in the Disconet remix of 'Lay All Your Love On Me'? It first appears at roughly 0:52 in this video and reappears multiple times throughout, sometimes looped. My guess is that it was chopped up from elsewhere in the original song, but I don't know the exact point.

Aaron, Australia  



That's an interesting question, Aaron. I've wondered that myself for the past 39 years. I'm not sure if it's from the song or added by the remixer. If any readers have any clue of the origin of this sound, please let me know at so I can update this response.


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