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May 2022

My question is about the box sets, I was quite disappointed to hear about the new box sets not being complete, only including the songs in English, there are about 10 songs missing, so why couldn't they have put this on an extra vinyl/CD and have 2 bonus disks? Also, where did we learn about this being the case - the ABBA site has no tracklisting?




All of the non-album tracks would fit on one CD (excluding the German, French, and Spanish versions, which would require another disc) - as indeed they did on the Bonus Tracks disc in The Albums CD box set released in 2008. To add further discs to the vinyl box set would increase the price by about £17/€17/$25 per disc. To include all songs would require an additional 3 LPs. Fans are already balking at the cost of the 10 disc vinyl set.
Several sites list the full details of the Tracks LP and CD, for example the Voyage store France and Universal Music Japan sites.


Will the ABBAtars CGI be improved at the Voyage concert compared to the 'I Still Have Faith In You' video. And will deepfake AI etc be used. And will they be able to interact with the fans. And will every song performed have a different visual look in the arena with the screen etc. And will the vocals be from the recording or be live versions or recently recorded vocals for the songs on Voyage.




By the looks of the images and snatches of video that have been released so far, yes, the avatars will be much more advanced than in the 'I Still Have Faith In You' video. Whether the avatars will interact with the audience, change costumes frequently (four sets of costumes have already been revealed), etc, we'll find out in just a few days, on May 26th. The vocals are said to be from original studio or live recordings.


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