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June 2022

I would love to know how many discs are limited ( how many released ) of coloured vinyls and picture discs.

Thanks a lot
Graeme, UK



Universal Music has informed me that 5,000 copies of each of the current picture disc albums have been pressed. I'm not sure which coloured vinyls you mean, Graeme - the solo albums released in 2017, the box set in 2020, or something else? I think 5,000 copies is pretty much the default quanitity.


My question refers to your answer to "How many ABBA songs are there?" in the FAQ-section.
You state "During their time together ABBA released 98 unique songs (97 in English, 1 only in Swedish)." Did you include 'Arrival', 'Intermezzo no 1' and the 'Medley (Pick a Bale of Cotton …)'? Which song was released in Swedish only? And then you state there "Since the group ended another 5 complete songs have been released …" I guess that are 'I am the city', 'Dream world', 'Put on your white Sombrero', 'I’m still alive' - but which is the second live recorded song?
Thanks for your great website and your interesting book - the profund informations are very very helpful to dive into the ABBA world being a relatively new fan!

Christiane from Germany



Welcome, Christiane. The 98 unique songs released between 1972 and 1982 include those three titles you mention. The one song recorded only in Swedish is 'Åh, vilka tider', the B-side of the Swedish 'Ring Ring' single in 1973. The other live recording in the "5 complete songs" released since 1982 is 'Gammal fäbodspalm', the instrumental opening of the 1979 concerts, featured in the ABBA Live at Wembley Arena album.
Thank you for your kind words about the website and my book ABBA: Song by Song. I really appreciate the feedback.

Anyone who knows you knows you have extensive knowledge on ABBA, and it's fun to pick your brains on any matter relating to the group. This month I'm going to turn the tables on you and ask, if you had the opportunity to ask any ABBA member any question that you don't know the answer to, what would they be?

Regards Simon, UK



Another interesting question, Simon. Maybe I'd ask what are their fondest or strongest individual memories of the ABBA years. Or what inspired certain songs, especially some in the early years that they never talk about. For example, where did 'Watch Out' come from?


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