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July 2010

Does Annifrid have any Children.? And where is she living and does she still sing?

Lewis, USA



Frida had two children with her first husband Ragnar Fredriksson, Hans (born 26 January 1963) and Lise-Lotte, later known as Anne (born 25 February 1967). Sadly Lise-Lotte died after a car accident in January 1999. Frida now lives in Zermatt, Switzerland. She has occasionally recorded vocals on other artists songs over the last decade or so, but has not released a solo record since Djupa undetag in 1996. She has said in several interviews that the musical part of her life is over.


I'm a fan of your songs from the 80s and I'm learning Swedish. Let me ask you a question. Do you sing in Swedish? If yes, where can I find the lyrics of your songs in Swedish?

Barikore, Sweden



ABBA only released four songs in Swedish, Ring Ring, h vilka tider, Waterloo and Honey, Honey. You can find the lyrics on the official ABBA site.


I'm searching for the name of the tune which has "Autumn leaves falling to the ground/ when the air gets cold."  pretty fast pace.  and which album it might be on.




That would be 'Hamlet III Part 2' (unofficially known among fans as 'Autumn Leaves'), a song recorded in 1978 but not released until 1994, in the 'ABBA Undeleted' medley of outtakes and unreleased songs on disc 4 of the box set Thank You For The Music.


Id like to know when the Originals lp Box Set will be released. I know that you listed at the site as release date TBA but an estimate month or something like that.

Regards Tallis from Brazil ( an ABBA FAN )



Unfortunately no release date has been announced for that new box set yet, so I don't know when it will be released. I have heard that it's going to be a very limited release. Expect an announcement on the official ABBA site soon.

For those who don't know about this, it's a new box set of vinyl albums featuring ABBA's eight studio albums and a bonus disc of non-album tracks, plus a booklet. It was recently announced on the official ABBA site as a prize for a competition, so far the only confirmation of the coming release.


I saw on Amazon a new ABBA CD, Icon. What's this, another pointless "greatest hits" CD or something new?

John, UK



Icon is a new series of compilations from Universal Music in the USA. It appears they may simply be repackagings of previously released CDs. In the case of ABBA Icon this was first released in 2000 as The Best Of ABBA - The Millenium Collection, part of a series of 20th Century Masters. The series is released on 31 August 2010.


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