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April 2022

I’d like to know how long the current incarnation of Björn Again have been performing for. They’re very corny (with over-the-top voices) and their concerts rely heavily on audience participation. From my research it must be no earlier than the 20th anniversary tour.

Aaron, Australia 



Björn Again isn't really a band anymore, but a pool of musicians who play when available. There does seem to be a core band, with members sometimes replaced by others. Not too long ago, there was one day when Björn Again was playing in both country Victoria and north Queensland. There is a separate organisation and musicians based in the UK, for the British and European market. The original four members had all left by the end of the 1990s. The original Björn and Frida formed an electronic duo Tectonic in 1998, which released two EPs and three music videos.


Was ABBA THE MOVIE released in the USA? I can find a February release of 1979 but I think it was for Canada. And do you know any Box Office numbers for it in North America or “Worldwide “ Again my research was only able to find an estimate of 39 million worldwide. 

Stephen, USA



According to ABBA legend, the movie had limited screenings in 1979 in the lead up to the tour in September. IMDB lists the US release date as 2 February 1979. This could well have been a one-off screening, which just happened to be the first on American soil. The site doesn't list a Canadian release date. The box office figure quoted would be worldwide, but probably incomplete as box office for all countries might not be included. In the UK it was reported as one of the top ten films of 1978, but there's not much other information out there.
ABBA - The Movie is screening at select cinemas in the US and Canada on 12-14 May 2022. See for details and tickets. If successful, it may screen in other countries later.


When Voyage was released last November it was mentioned that there would be 7" vinyl singles for 'Don't Shut Me Down' and 'Just A Notion' released. Do you know why they were ultimately never released? Maybe the 7" single for 'I Should Have Faith In You' didn't sell well enough?

Thanks for answering,
Alan from the Netherlands



There was never any official word of vinyl release of the other Voyage singles. Fans got in touch with Universal Music and Mono Music in Sweden, and were told there were plans to release them later. At the time of Voyage's release, the world's major vinyl pressing plants were at capacity with new releases by Ed Sheeran and Adele, plus Voyage of course (all released within three weeks of each other). After that, they would have been busy with hundreds of orders for Record Store Day on 23 April, with a second drop on 18 June. Whether the singles will be released at some point remains to be seen. With the Voyage concert opening in London in May, we may be surprised with further releases.


Do you know anything about the mastering of the new CD and vinyl boxes that will be released in May/June? Is it a completely new master or are the old bad remasters used? (incl. the very heavy distortion on'The Name Of The Game').They call it the ultimate ABBA box, but of course it isn't, because a lot of tracks are missing. 

Alan, The Netherlands



There is no information available about the mastering. I would guess the mastering will be the same as the last couple of vinyl and CD box sets, with Voyage the same as last November's releases (indeed, it's the same disc in the picture disc series). With vinyl currently being the dominant music format (though not actually the biggest selling, CD still sells more units worldwide), even CD and streaming albums are being formatted for LP length of around 40 minutes. Which is why the bonus disc in both box sets ABBA Tracks (first released in the 2010 box set The Vinyl Collection) only has 10 tracks on CD, rather than the 17-track Bonus Tracks CD previously available in The Albums box set (2008). Adding three or four more discs for all the non-album tracks plus non-English recordings would have increased the price by about a third.


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