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September 2019

In which countries came the FRIDA single 'Come To Me (I Am Woman)' in the charts ?. I love the song so much....

Best wishes and thank you!!
Wolfgang, Germany



'Come To Me (I Am Woman)' was only released as a single in The Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, and West Germany. Unfortunately it didn't chart anywhere.


In 'Another Morning Without You' (demo of 'Like aAn Angel Passing Through My Room') there's a version that I found in YouTube with someone grunting, can you tell me who it is?

Yair, Israel



That recording, known as 'Ali ABBA', is ABBA drummer Ola Brunkert grunting and groaning over the track. Apparently he was known to make all sorts of noises while drumming. ABBA joked on the back of tjhe Arrival sleeve in 1976: "one day we're gonna let you hear him sing". Recording engineer Michael B. Tretow played this recording on Swedish radio in 1986, when he was hosting a programme called Sommar (Summer).


Will Benny Andersson Piano 2 be released in September.

Thank you,



There probably won't be a Piano 2 album. Benny has said that there are other songs he would like to record on piano, but he feels he's already done that album and would prefer to do something new.


When will the new ABBA song be released?




The latest information is that the new ABBA songs will be released in 2020. Exactly when has not been announced.


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